ART DECO design first appeared in France just before world war one, and began flourishing internationally in the 1920s and 1930s.
ART DECO is short for Arts De’coratifs, from the [ International Exposition of modern decorative and industrial Arts] held in Paris in 1925.
ART DECO is a style with bold geometric shapes on lavish ornamentation.
DECO emphasizes geometric forms, spheres,polygons,rectangles,trapezoids,zigzags,chevrons,and sunburst motifs,
elements are often arranged in symmetrical patterns,
materials used on ART DECO were, chrome, Bakelite ,Glass,inlays and laquer.
ART DECO over the years 1920s/1930s was a globally popular style, and was used in Automobiles,furniture, china , textiles,jewellery,clocks,and influenced Architecture, interior design,fashion,cinema and Ocean liners.
ART DECO style is related to Streamline which emerged during the mid 1930s,
Streamline was influenced by modern aerodynamic shapes, seen in automotive design.

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